Best Kitchen Resurfacing Services in Castle Hills

Kitchen resurfacing, also known as refacing, is a simple process of transforming the style and look of your current kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen resurfacing services in Castle Hills ensure that your kitchen receives the best transformation of texture and design with affordable rates. Kitchen resurfacing brings more elegance and urbanity to your kitchen. 

Unique Resurfacing Services offer a wide range of services like bathroom resurfacing, cabinet replacement, indoor painting, and kitchen resurfacing. Our specialists have many years of experience. They make sure that only the best quality cabinets are installed and every update that you receive is of the highest quality. We have completed numerous projects and have been rewarded with full customer satisfaction. We are the best go-to company if you are in dire need of kitchen refacing.

Some steps that you need to follow while signing up for kitchen resurfacing are:

  • Consultation
    You should be able to make up your mind regarding the transformation of your kitchen. Once you have decided, you just need to contact us via a simple phone call. One of the staff members from our kitchen resurfacing team in Castle hill will connect with you so that you can call them over, for an in-house consultation. 
    Our team will examine your kitchen thoroughly and will suggest some ideas to update your kitchen. They will also consider your budget and will select the best refacing style in that range.

  • Customisation options
    As soon as you confirm the new renovation design, our kitchen resurfacing team from Castle Hills will give you freedom to select the style of door and colour that you want for your kitchen. 
    Once these things are finalised, the sales team will compute the dimensions for the installation of new cabinets. A quote will also be provided by them on the site.

  • Installation
    Now that you have decided the door colour and style, you just need to sign on with us to initiate the process of installation. After signing up, an installer from our kitchen resurfacing company at Castle Hills will get in touch with you and book an appointment to measure the dimensions of the drawer doors. 

    As soon as this is done, we will place an order for the required materials. Our installer will fix a meeting with you for installation after the shipment is received by us. The process normally consumes two to three days depending on your needs and the size of the kitchen. 

    With the help of these three easy steps, you will get a new look for your kitchen. All your cabinets and countertops will be resurfaced by our kitchen resurfacing experts in Castle Hills within the budget and for less than what would have been invested in creating an entirely new kitchen.

Why should you rely on us?

  • Our experts are highly qualified and have rich experience in this field.
  • Our kitchen resurfacing service in Castle Hills has a customer-oriented approach.
  • Our members are fully licensed and provide a quality finish to your kitchen.
  • The work is completed within the given time frame and all the requirements are fulfilled.

You need to just click on the contact us section and book your free consultation today with Unique Resurfacing Services.

Our Recent Projects

The pictures below are recent projects that have been completed recently and shows before and after view of those jobs.