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Kitchen Resurfacing  in Central Coast

Overview of Kitchen Resurfacing, before it happens:

Resurfacing your kitchen is as important as resurfacing any other part of the home. But what matters most in a resurfacing, is how well you are aware of your kitchen requirements. Just because you’ve been given many words of advice or ideas, does not mean you should simply follow them blindly. There has to be a certain process which you must follow. Your kitchen also demands maintenance time to time and for this, you need kitchen resurfacing services. We at Unique Resurfacing Services offer affordable, modern kitchen resurfacing services in Central Coast, Australia.

Kitchen resurfacing sometimes becomes a hectic task to perform. It is not a DIY task. You need a specialist to perform this to show the right results. This way, the next time you approach an expert you can have a clear vision about the resurfacing and the way it can give your kitchen a truly remarkable makeover.

Understand the primary aim of opting for kitchen resurfacing services in Central Coast:

The main focus of kitchen resurfacing is to ensure the cabinets are changed in terms of look and become more efficient to use. Usually, cabinets are in structurally good shape which is either replaced or demolished as the homeowner gets bored of the same look. However, resurfacing the kitchen especially the cabinets does not mean simply changing the colour. You can actually change the overall kitchen look. This way, you get the most advantages of not replacing the cabinet and thus save a good amount too. Hiring our team of professionals for the best kitchen resurfacing in Central Coast will always be a wise decision, as we deliver what we say.

This kind of process includes cabinet replacement, be it the drawer or door of the fronts, the veneer application or the colour of the cabinets to be changed. We achieve these replacements with all care to aesthetics and function for your pleasure. This also includes the handles, hinges, and even the drawer pulls to name some more.

Evaluation of the cabinets for Resurfacing:

Many people don’t really understand which cabinets are really appropriate for resurfacing. When old cabinets are in bad condition, it might not make any sense to resurface them. We evaluate each and every part of the kitchen so that you don’t need to spend any more on waste removal. However, if the construction is sturdy compared to new ones, only the door and veneer need a change.

When it comes to kitchen resurfacing, the changes are made with:

  • Better quality materials used for keeping cabinets smooth and intact.
  • Solid adhesives are used so that lasting performance is assured.
  • The frames are made of quality hardwood that shall not just accept the veneers but also solidly anchor the new doors.

Our pivotal role

You can also choose the internal hardware changes to be done. If the drawers are not functioning properly then you should not think of resurfacing at all.

Overall price:

To prepare yourself for the resurfacing project, you need not worry. You can resurface the cabinets in a better manner but do not rush simply because it is a cost-saving deal. Kitchen Resurfacing in Central Coast can be done at a specialist price that includes 50% of the overall price of customised cabinet installation option and 70% of the total price to install ready cabinets that you can buy from the home improvement store.

Resurfacing is the right approach to give your kitchen a better solution so that the layout can meet your new requirements. We have different style options available. Unique Resurfacing Services can help you through the whole kitchen resurfacing in the Central Coast.


Mitu Jeremiah

Another great job by Allen! I was so happy with the work he did on my kitchen refresh I called him back for a refurbish project. As always, Allen was thoroughly professional for the 2-day job, always on time and he rings if he's running late, thorough and even cleaned up after the job was done. I'll be using him again!

Mitu Jeremiah

Melaan Gnanasekaram

Allen resurfaced our timber kitchen and the service rendered by him was exceptional . He was punctual , his staff was highly skilled and Allen was very accommodative thought out from quote to delivery . Allen is a perfectionist. The place was left clean and tidy through out the project . Allen’s service is highly recommended . Melaan Gnanasekaram Castle hill

Melaan Gnanasekaram
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