Organise your kitchen with our kitchen resurfacing services 

Everyone wants to organise their home in a beautiful manner. Many people renew and update the look of their home from time to time especially the kitchen as it is the heart of any home. The kitchen is an important and heavily used area of the house. With the regular use of oil and food stains, the kitchen needs more care and attention. If you want to update the look of the kitchen and make it look cleaner and elegant, then you can opt for kitchen resurfacing services. These services include emphasising existing kitchen cabinet frames with a durable veneer. We at Unique Resurfacing Services provide the industry’s best kitchen resurfacing services in Maroubra. We are known for our loyalty, trust and punctuality amongst our clients.

What is included in the Resurfacing? 

Kitchen resurfacing includes covering the outer frames with a thin plastic laminate or veneer of real wood. To complement the new veneer or match with the interior, drawer fronts and doors can be replaced in this process. For the complete transformation of the kitchen, our team of resurfacing experts will change the hinges, pulls, and knobs. 

Kitchen resurfacing process:

Our experienced manpower uses the exclusive technologies and latest methods for kitchen resurfacing in Maroubra. 

The process behind changing the look of the kitchen includes the following steps:

  1. To get the kitchen prepared for the resurfacing process, our team will remove all the existing cabinets, drawers and doors.
  2. After the removal, they apply high quality ¼” plywood to the cabinet frames.
  3. For the exterior finish, experts use laminate veneer or wood of your choice.
  4. Our highly experienced and professional experts install new hardware and hinges for the complete transformation of the kitchen.

The inspirational and innovative designs by our experts exhibit that even a small area can be made functional by the effective use of space. The combination of black granite counters and glass cabinets reflect the sunlight and spread the natural light in the kitchen far and wide, adding to the beauty of the kitchen.

What about the flooring?

Ideally, we should install tiles on the kitchen floor. It is quite difficult, as the process includes breaking the old floor. A cement screw is placed to avoid this problem, and then the tile is simply laid where it is easy to keep linoleum. If the floor has significant cracks or other irregularities, it can be covered with a sheet of hardboard. Don't forget to change the baseboards as well, as they incredibly improve the appearance of the kitchen. Our expert specialises in this work without breaking the floor.

Instant improvement with our kitchen resurfacing solutions

By getting your fixed panels, drawers, and cupboard door resurfaced, we give your kitchen a modern and fresh look. We have a vast range of colours and materials which can match your taste. From satin to high gloss and semi-gloss, we also have an array of handsome finishes. We offer a smooth, seamless and watertight finish which will be easy to clean. Kitchen resurfacing also includes repairing the damaged areas such as cracks, chips or lifting edges and all panels are completely compressed. We also resurface the bench and wall tiles, dishwasher fronts and range hoods. 

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Our Recent Projects

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