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The resurfacing of the kitchen can be a wonderful change

Kitchen resurfacing is one of the most crucial activities one can undertake for their home. We have to work clearly and slowly to understand the correct resurfacing procedure for each of our customers. We at Unique Resurfacing Services offer professional kitchen resurfacing with an affordable and error-free cost. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and our main pillar of success in the kitchen resurfacing industry is the trust we have gained and loyalty we have shown towards our work in Marrickville. Avail our services and you will remember our name for some time to come.

Kitchen Resurfacing Planning

The first phase of resurfacing should be a detailed plan. Display your thoughts on the layout and get assistance from our designer in search of new ideas. Do not be hasty with the implementation of the plan, but rather rely on the professional designer, who will notice the flaws and clarify how some innovative ideas can be implemented within the design. Our kitchen resurfacing experts in Marrickville will assist you at every step, and work on the designs that match your standards.

Mark layout 

First, mark the layout and partition of the zone. See if the desired appliances will fit in the kitchen. In the presence of a small space of non-standard sizes, select models that fit your characteristics and fit the project in terms of dimensions. Our experts calculate all costs and start resurfacing only if you have the necessary funds to meet it.

Window replacement 

If window replacement is included in your plans, you need to begin the construction here; as there will be a lot of dust, and the wall will be corroded. For further work, a new glass unit may be covered with a simple plastic wrap to protect it. The complete list of activities we will be processing shall be provided to you. The team will measure the kitchen window dimensions and give you the correct quote on the site to install the same.

In an important decision to resurface the kitchen at home. The gap columns are the most excellent option to improve the space. The beauty is that partitions inside such apartments are not considered load bearing.

Natural stone makes the kitchen attractive

When you are planning for a kitchen resurfacing project in Marrickville, you make sure that the new design interests and excites you. This part of your home used for cooking can add value to your home. So then, you should also consider the materials you are using to make these changes. In fact, when you use natural stone in the kitchen, it can help increase your property value. Natural stone can help beautify a kitchen to its highest potential. For example, using black granite can dramatically energise your kitchen design. A quartzite benchtop of unique colours and marble veins - makes all the difference. 

Our experts believe that natural stone is less expensive than many other kitchen materials. So while it may seem very stately, it adds economic value to any home. The reality is that each piece of natural stone is different, unique and beautiful. It has a unique superior beauty that cannot be easily replicated. Its grandeur only increases with the passage of time, yet its quality remains unaffected. 

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Mitu Jeremiah

Another great job by Allen! I was so happy with the work he did on my kitchen refresh I called him back for a refurbish project. As always, Allen was thoroughly professional for the 2-day job, always on time and he rings if he's running late, thorough and even cleaned up after the job was done. I'll be using him again!

Mitu Jeremiah

Melaan Gnanasekaram

Allen resurfaced our timber kitchen and the service rendered by him was exceptional . He was punctual , his staff was highly skilled and Allen was very accommodative thought out from quote to delivery . Allen is a perfectionist. The place was left clean and tidy through out the project . Allen’s service is highly recommended . Melaan Gnanasekaram Castle hill

Melaan Gnanasekaram
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