Professional & Affordable Kitchen Resurfacing Services

Deciding on replacing or resurfacing the kitchen cabinets?

A situation may have arised, that caused the replacing or resurfacing of your kitchen cabinets to become a prime focus. Old, worn and dull cabinets falling into disrepair can be a mood killer whenever you’re in the kitchen after all. But as a first timer, you are most likely to get confused on what option to choose to refresh your kitchen. 

Unique Resurfacing Services will help you in ascertaining the different factors which you need to consider in order to make wise decisions. 

There are a few kitchen resurfacing service providers in Penrith who can guide you at every step, and we are one of them. Our expert team will give you the right idea once you make your mind on whether to start replacing options or resurfacing your kitchen area. 

Homeowners often have two major options to update their kitchen cabinet:

  • The first is finding a replacement and 
  • The second is refacing. 

We are known to boost the appearance and value of your kitchen and that is why many people look to us to bring new life to their kitchen. 

Understand the need first:

The important things to understand about kitchen resurfacing, is when refacing is used and when you should consider this refinishing for yourself.

Resurfacing the Kitchen Cabinets: This is when someone covers the exterior surface of the cabinets with new veneers. There is special hardware used to achieve this too. If the existing cabinets are of solid wood material, then you may have to refinish them with a new colour.


  • Cost friendly

  • No damage to existing cabinets

  • Just takes a few days

Factors to consider about refacing or replacing kitchen cabinets in Penrith


Durability is the most important thing when considering kitchen resurfacing services in Penrith. If you are in any doubt about the whole situation behind the cabinetry then you can go ahead and speak with our expert resurface specialists as they can easily help you understand this.


If you don’t have any problem with the kitchen layout currently present and want to maintain the kitchen integrity design, then you must consider kitchen resurfacing. If you need some extra storage or better counter space, new cabinets can also be a worthy extra investment that serves you for a long span of time.

Overall Kitchen Appearance:

Whether you are replacing the kitchen and appliances, or simply installing new countertops, you must have planned a budget already. However, if you are still in doubt, connect with our team and speak with top notch kitchens resurfacing professional in Penrith to understand whether it might be better to opt for Kitchen resurfacing. 


If you do not have much time for this procedure and price is a stringent issue, then you have to consider going for a replacement. Our wide range of new cabinetry can be of help to you, with different selections available in custom offers and stock offerings too.

We know it is not an easy task to decide on, but we are just a call away from giving you expert advice. Unique Resurfacing Services are always here to assist you better. So book your free consultation today with our kitchen resurfacing team in Penrith.


Mitu Jeremiah

Another great job by Allen! I was so happy with the work he did on my kitchen refresh I called him back for a refurbish project. As always, Allen was thoroughly professional for the 2-day job, always on time and he rings if he's running late, thorough and even cleaned up after the job was done. I'll be using him again!

Mitu Jeremiah

Melaan Gnanasekaram

Allen resurfaced our timber kitchen and the service rendered by him was exceptional . He was punctual , his staff was highly skilled and Allen was very accommodative thought out from quote to delivery . Allen is a perfectionist. The place was left clean and tidy through out the project . Allen’s service is highly recommended . Melaan Gnanasekaram Castle hill

Melaan Gnanasekaram
Kitchen Cabinet Replacements